A Safety Net

The possibility of being drug tested at any time protects teens that find themselves in drug-related situations, and even reduces the likelihood of ever being offered substances. It also empowers DFCA members to say, "I can't. I might get tested." This alone has the potential to stop peer pressure in its tracks. Respecting the family's privacy by not sharing test results with the member's school allows parents to focus on drugs as a threat to their child's health instead of worrying about their reputation.
Building Pride

Special perks at school and in the community reinforce the positive behaviors shown by DFCA members. Rewards have an instant motivating impact on the teen’s environment that can reinforce their commitment to remaining drug free.
Healthy Peer-to-Peer Influence

Features decided by "Student Officers" ensure that the DFCA effort is relatable to the student body as a whole, creating positive peer pressure and offering the chance for officers to build leadership skills.
An Engaged Homefront

"Take 5" -- tips for parents on ideal moments and ways to talk comfortably with their child about drugs, potentially reducing their child’s risk of use by up to 50%.

"Parent Resource" – a substance abuse professional on standby as a resource for parents with questions on handling vulnerable moments. Visit the "Parents" page for more info.
Knowledge is Power

In the "NO" – Information and ongoing awareness of drug-related topics affirms drug free decisions and increases the likelihood that members will be a positive influence on others. Visit the In the "NO" page for more info.
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