Drug Free Clubs of America

About Us

Drug Free Clubs of America was founded by three firefighters in the Greater Cincinnati area, with the promising idea that if teen drug use never begins, it never has to be defeated.

So how do we prevent teens from experimenting or giving into peer pressure? By giving students a logical exit from a tough situation. The offer from a friend or neighbor to try a drug can be a powerful, intimidating situation. Through voluntary drug testing, DFCA gives students the ability to say “I Can’t, I might get tested”. In addition, Drug Free Clubs REWARDS student through discounts at community businesses, free items, special event days, and general recognition for choosing to be drug free.

Our combination of giving teens “a leg to stand on” in their moment of need, and following through with tangible positive rewards, creates a potent drug avoidance tool that’s crucial for every child to possess.

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