Program Providers

Revolutionize Your Drug Prevention!

The energy that is generated from strong local efforts can accomplish amazing things. Our growth model is designed to put home-grown momentum to work to stop drug addiction before it begins. Drug Free Clubs of America partners with like-minded community organizations to give them the strategy they have been searching for to protect their youth from drugs.

Local groups become DFCA “Program Providers”, using the system as their vehicle for change. Providers customize and operate their own DFCA “branch” to empower their community, energize their schools, and engage families around the shared goal of protecting local youth.

Examples of current Providers vary from a local Elks lodge (Ohio City, WV), to a Career Placement office (Wooster, Ohio), a parent-led drug prevention organization (Pickerington, Ohio), an Economic Development Corporation (Norwalk, OH) and Rotary clubs in Ohio and West Virginia.  DFCA’s “branching out” model offers any type of civic-minded organization or company the opportunity to make a difference.

Below is an example of how a community branch is structured. The community group in this example is providing Drug Free Clubs of America for 3 schools in their community. They fulfill the roles in red, the schools each assign a positive, upbeat club coordinator (in gray), and the coordinators each choose their student officers (in blue). Once the teens are selected and engaged – that’s when the magic happens!