Q: What is the goal of Drug Free Clubs of America?

A: Our mission is to identify drug free students, reward their good choices, and empower members with effective prevention tools to keep them on the right track.

Q: How much club time is required of members?

A: DFCA does not require club meetings however, schools may choose to offer them.

Q: How long does the drug test take?

A: Typically, it is only 5-10 minutes.

Q: Are test results given on site?

A: NO. Our testing process is extremely private and confidential. Final results may take a week or two depending on the lab’s schedule. Learn more >

Q: What if a student takes prescription medication?

A: If any substance is detected, our Medical Review Officer will call a parent directly to verify the student’s prescription details. If the medication is consistent with the test result, that student is considered drug free and becomes a member.

Contact us to submit a student’s prescription information today.

Q: How often will there be random testing?

A: Each school identifies several good times throughout the year for us to randomly retest a portion of our members.

Q: What if a student tests positive for drugs?

A: Schools NEVER see our test results. The parent will receive a phone call directly from our Medical Review Officer. They will discuss the result, and options for returning the student to a healthy lifestyle. Club membership will be suspended. When ready, the student can test once more during the same school year with no additional fee to regain active membership.