Our Board & Staff

Angie Ferguson, Executive Director   “Anyone can do it if they care enough”

In 2005 my dad Joe, was at the firehouse when he called to invite me down for lunch. As we ate, he and another firefighter, Kyle, started talking about how hard it is when they are sent on emergency runs involving kids, especially when it’s because of something as avoidable as drugs. Then they said they had an idea to keep kids away from drugs all together…

When I was in school I did not feel that the prevention programs I experienced were very impactful so I was not overly optimistic. As Dad and Kyle laid out their plan, I was shocked. They explained how it did not make sense to them that so much time and money is spent on helping kids beat addiction, but little is done to stop them from ever using in the first place. I agreed. Then they described their idea of rewarding students who volunteer to be drug tested then, since a test could come at any time, the student could say, “I can’t. I might get tested.” They said, “Nobody recognizes the kids who choose everyday NOT to use drugs”, and they were right. Have you ever had an “Aha!” moment? That was mine. Sitting on a bench in the firehouse at the end of a long cafeteria table, smelling the ironically burnt coffee I thought, “Wow! This idea could really work.” And it does. We began developing the program and got the organization off the ground. Drug Free Clubs of America was born.

Since then my co-workers, my father and I have remained committed to this unique approach. Students tell us about times when they relied on our excuse to get out of tough situations, and that people who used to pressure them in the past do not even bring it up anymore because of this membership. To me, that’s pure success. As DFCA evolved and expanded, I felt it increasingly more important to obtain formal education on public administration to ensure our organization’s success and sustainability. I returned to college and am now a 4.0 Summa Cum Laude graduate in the field. Today I work to pair the power of that knowledge with my passion to make Drug Free Clubs of America as impactful and “rewarding” as possible for every student, parent, school, and business we join forces with to fight the horrors of drug abuse.


Heather McGowan, Program Director

When presented with the idea of Drug Free Clubs of America, I knew right away that it was a program that I wanted to be a part of.  After years of coaching a high school dance team, the thought of working with students and rewarding them for making healthy choices was something I couldn’t pass up.

As my responsibilities in DFCA grew, I realized that it was quickly becoming something that combined all of my career goals:  among those, working with students, being creative and learning new things every day.  What I didn’t anticipate was the personal satisfaction I would gain by being a part of the strategy that students use to make the choice to remain drug-free.  Each day brings something new to Drug Free Clubs of America, and each day reaffirms my desire to make Drug Free Clubs of America a logical drug prevention tool, not only for schools, but for families and communities as well.



Dave Huggins, Program Development Specialist

2016 Rally Dave Huggins #2

Raise your hand if you grew up always knowing you wanted to work for a drug prevention company?  Okay, that wasn’t me either, but after spending my career in a few different areas of business management,  I believe Drug Prevention found me.  I’ve always enjoyed working in a team environment and I really

enjoy sales management and communications.   Being able to utilize my skills in planning and organizing with a high level of detail and accuracy makes it all come together.  I’m so blessed to be able to help open new Chapters of DFCA, and help to expand the existing ones with a high level of energy. Robert F Kennedy once said, “You’re happiest while you’re making the greatest contribution.”

On July 30, 2015, I heard the words Drug Free Clubs of America for the first time.  I spent the next several months learning everything I could and in the fall of 2016, helped establish eight Chapters of DFCA in Ross County, Ohio.  I’m one of the founding members of The Buck Fifty, a 150 mile relay race, and serve as the race director which funds our members in DFCA.  The 2,200 teens that The Buck Fifty supports represent 65% of the high school students in Ross County and two of our schools have over 80% enrollment.  These opportunities have changed my entire career path so I can give everything I can to this program.

My “why” for being here is very simple.  I don’t want anyone else to die from this epidemic.

This program has changed the lives of the teens in the county where I live.  This program has changed the culture in the high schools they attend.  This program has galvanized our community and we’re changing the history of Ross County forever.  This program has certainly changed my life and I hope you take the time to learn more about it as I did, and maybe….just maybe, it can change your life too!


Julie Martini, Education and Mental Health Specialist


Robert “Rocky” Fitzsimmons – Officer of Legal Strategies

Partner/member at Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC.  Former West Virginia State Senator serving on the board of Wesbanco Bank Inc. as well as the board of the Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority which manages the Wheeling Civic Center and the Wheeling Capital Music Hall.

Joseph D. Newcomb – Board President and Founder

When I was first approached with a hazy premise for this club, I thought that the idea had merit.  Throughout my career as a firefighter I personally had witnessed several teens and young adults who had overdosed. Some could be saved while others weren’t as fortunate. I’ve seen every type of death imaginable, but the most heart wrenching is that of a child who has overdosed.  At the fire house, I personally witnessed firemen’s families get torn apart because of a family members drug use. But to be honest, I got sick and tired of watching the news every night and seeing at least half of it devoted to stories with a drug abuse base.

As more grandkids came about and got older I couldn’t imagine one of them having to go through something like the horrors that I had witnessed especially knowing that I might be able to make a difference.  Not all of the businesses I was involved in were successful, but fortunately I had more successes than failures.  All of my children escaped their teen years without any real threats to their futures, and have become successes in their own ways.  I have been blessed in my life to have the opportunity to follow the paths I see fit.  What I want now is for all children to have a chance at success.  Drugs are the biggest threat to that.

So, my mission was clear to me. I have been given financial resources.  Use them. Through my many endeavors I have gained knowledge, experience and contacts.  Use them.   Assemble the perfect team to make this all happen and – use them to their fullest.

Today, I believe in our mission more than ever before.  I believe in the idea but most importantly, I believe in the people that are committed to seeing this through.


Joseph A. Newcomb – Board Member on Finances

Joseph started with Medicount Management in 2001 and was promoted to Manager of Sales Support and Client Services in 2004. He was instrumental in the controlled growth of Medicount as the company expanded to meet the needs of departments that just started billing or left their previous provider to join the Medicount Family. Joseph was promoted to Director of Client Services in 2009, and then to Vice President and Treasurer in 2011.

In 2013, Joseph was promoted to President and COO of Medicount Management, Inc. He succeeds his father, Joseph (Joe) D. Newcomb, who became Chairman of the Board and CEO of Medicount Management, Inc. Since 2011, Joseph has been one of the motivating forces in developing and integrating technology into Medicount’s billing processes. Medicount has seen dramatic increases in performance and overall positive results since Joseph took over.

Joseph joined the Drug Free Clubs of America Board in December of 2012 and serves as the Financial Advisor.


Heather McKamey – Officer of Human Resources

Watching her two teenage boys navigate the challenges of living a drug-free life and seeing the social exclusion they sometimes realized prompted Heather to get involved with Drug-Free Clubs of America.

Heather brings 25-plus years of human resource management experience to the organization. She works to support core strategic goals and assists with training and development initiatives that enhance program outcomes. She has developed and implemented training programs that enhanced the capabilities of the organizations she served. Heather looks forward to transferring her business acumen to Drug-Free Clubs of America.

In addition to earning her Master’s in Business Administration, Heather holds the human resources professional designations, SHRM-SPC and SPHR. The continuing education required for her professional designations allows her to bring the latest human resource trends to Drug Free Clubs of America.


Dr. Steve Passik – Officer of Data and Research

After a 25 year career as an academic clinical psychologist working with cancer and non-cancer pain patients and their families, Dr. Steve Passik has now been in industry for nearly 13 years. Having worked at the interface of pain and addiction both clinically and conducting research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, University of Kentucky and Vanderbilt University, Dr. Passik is now the VP, Scientific Affairs and Head of Clinical Data Programs at Millennium Health.

Why DFCA? I have always wanted to provide support to drug use prevention; having been a clinician I realized how difficult and deadly substance use can be and I realized we needed as a society to do a better job of preventing the problem from taking over a person’s life in the first place. I am honored to work at Millennium Health and to be at a company that is willing to step up and support DFCA with time, effort and donated testing. And I now look forward to supporting DFCA’s efforts through my membership on their Board and expanding our educational and advocacy efforts alongside theirs. Perhaps it was the charm of DFCA’s origin story that got me; or perhaps it was the common sense behavioral and community based approach they employ that appealed or maybe just the fact that it works and it does so when the community and schools come together to help their kids avoid drug use. I am thrilled to join the Board and help DFCA realize its mission.


Kyle Stevens – Board Vice President and Founder

Lieutenant with the City of Cincinnati Fire Department; Owner of Safety Solutions of Kentucky, LLC – an occupational safety and health company specializing in occupational drug screens; Co-Founder of Drug Free Clubs of America.


Jeffrey Wahl – Officer of Strategic Partnerships

Recognized expert on the use of technology in healthcare; Frequent lecturer/teacher at law & medical schools, academic medical centers and other prominent groups; Consultant on risk management, medical-legal and marketing/messaging issues for medical/surgical instrument and technology companies; 35+ year national law practice based in Cleveland, Ohio.  President, Co-Founder, and Director of MIDAS Healthcare Solutions, Inc.  Member of the advisory board of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing sports and military head trauma and promoting change in sports equipment and rules to prevent concussions.