Sometimes I think “What if I wasn’t in the Drug Free Club of America? What if I had been steered into peer-pressure and smoked that night?” Every high school student should be a member of The Drug Free Club of America so they can learn that their lives are much too important to throw away on drugs.

Alex H., Freshman

The Drug Free Club has played a large influence on my life, the person I have become, and the kind of person I will be in the future. I have been influenced to stay free from drugs and alcohol. I will plan to continue on in this way in the future and I hope that I am influencing others to do the same.

Ryan D., Sophomore

Their programs are well thought out and certainly would benefit any school or community wanting to implement them.

Jay DeWispelaerePresident/CEO of PRIDE Youth Programs

This is one club that ALL parents should encourage their kids to join!

Jeannie CainMember’s Parent (via Facebook)

This club is about people helping people, it is what inspires teenagers to go out of their way and help others rise against the temptation of drugs.

Haley B., Sophomore