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Helping Schools in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

We help schools build a drug-free youth.

Promote Student Leadership

Improve Focus & Academics

Increase School Ranking

Since 2005, We’ve Been Partnering with Communities.

A team of Firefighters founded Drug Free Clubs of America in 2005 in response to the drug-related tragedies they witnessed every day. They regularly were called on to rescue people whose lives had been devastated by overdoses, violence, accidents, or even death. To them there was nothing more difficult than being called to a scene resulting in the loss of a young life. This was especially true when it was caused by something as avoidable as drug use.  It stung even more to know that every single one of those teens were drug-free at one point.

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Positive outcomes you can expect from having a chapter of Drug Free Clubs of America in your community!

We’re creating effective programs across the country by combining five drug prevention strategies into one plan that works.


Our Five Pillars:

  • Confidential Drug Testing
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Student Leadership
  • Parent Support
  • Drug Education

What Our Schools Say:

DFCA reinforces everything that we are trying to teach…in a positive and empowering manner. I have had three students this year quit smoking pot so that they could be included in DFCA, the positive culture in our building surrounding the program draws them in and gives them a great reason to say “no, I might get tested this week.”

Faculty, Wayne County Schools Career Center