Empowering Teens through Vital Community Partnerships

Empowering Teens through Vital Community Partnerships

At Drug Free Clubs of America, our goal is to foster healthy, drug-free communities by empowering students to make healthy choices. We partner with a variety of organizations to provide resources and expertise to help us accomplish our goal. Each one of our partners plays a vital role in allowing us to serve our Clubs and help even more students stay drug-free.

One of the key components of our program is randomized drug testing in schools. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our Testing Partners—local medical professionals who volunteer their time and services—we can offer students a powerful tool to stay drug-free. Randomized drug testing throughout the school year allows students to have an easy out and resist peer pressure by saying, “I can’t; I might be tested.” This practical tool lays the foundation for a healthier future for teens and reduces the likelihood of the student dealing with addiction in adulthood.

Our partnerships extend far beyond testing services. We understand that when a student tests positive for drugs, it’s not just the individual who needs support—it’s their entire family. That’s why our network of Parent Resources plays a crucial role in providing guidance and assistance to parents facing this daunting challenge, ensuring they have access to the information and support they need. The resources are free of charge and without judgment so that parents and caregivers can use them confidently, no matter the situation. These resources equip parents with the steps to take and guide them in effectively supporting their child while navigating this process.

By bringing together medical professionals, educators, parents, and community leaders, we’re building a united front against pervasive threats and bolstering drug-free communities. One school, one family, one community at a time. Together, we’re not only addressing the immediate challenges of drug use but also working towards long-term solutions that promote healthy lifestyles and positive decision-making among our youth.

Drug Free Clubs of America is on a mission to reduce the impacts of drug use on youth. Across the nation, drug and alcohol use is on the rise among teens. We provide students with practical tools and techniques to navigate peer pressure and choose a healthy lifestyle. Partnering with schools and communities, we offer preventative programming to meet students where they are. Through randomized drug testing, educational resources, a positive outlet, and a supportive community, we are changing school cultures and reducing alcohol, marijuana, vaping, and other detrimental activities among our members and the entire school body. Drug Free Clubs of America has over as over 7,000 active student and faculty/staff members and Clubs in over 50 schools in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and California.

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